Christmas Day 2010

Sermon Date: 
25 Dec 2010
Bible Base: 
John 1

David Jeans

What two words beginning with the same letter connect the Star, Jesus, us and all the world
The Star Provided light            ; Pointed to Jesus    DVD
Nova/supernova provides the building materials for planets, for life
Comets/ asteroids – thought that they may have provided much of the Earth’s water – essential for life
Star a type of heavenly object that provides opportunity for life
John 1:4-5 Gives light to the world even in dark places
Gives life – both through creating life and through giving eternal life with God.
Jesus offers us light and life
We like the Star are to point to Jesus
We are to bring light and life to the world.
May we who share Christ’s body live his risen life
We who drink his cup bring life to the others
We whom the Spirit lights give light to the world
Light and life – the Star an object about light and life
The Star pointed to Jesus as the light and life of the world
Jesus has given us light and life
We are to point the world to Jesus and to bring them his light and his life