The Emmaus Road

Small Group Material: 
Week Commencing: 
8 May 2011
Bible Base: 
Luke 24:13-35

1)      Read Luke 24:13-35
2)      What had these two disciples hoped about Jesus? What had happened to their hopes?
3)      Share (if you want to) any experiences you have had of hopes not being fulfilled.
4)      What ideas do you have about why they did not recognise Jesus? What prevents us from recognising Jesus?
5)      If you had to do what Jesus did in v 27, what passage(s) would you pick out?
6)      Verse 30 – what would this have reminded them of? What does this correspond to in our experience?
7)      Look again at v 30 – how is the shape of our communion service connected with this?
8)      The Church of England has various strands in it; the evangelicals emphasise reading and preaching scripture; catholics emphasise the communion or eucharist; charismatics (or Pentecostals) emphasise the work of the Holy Spirit. What do you notice about how Jesus connects with these disciples on the road to Emmaus?
9)      Thinking more about question 8 – do you make contact with Jesus more through the communion, or through scripture, or through the work of the Holy Spirit in your heart? Looking at this passage, is there a ‘right answer’ to this question? What does this tell us about how we should regard Christians who worship God differently from us?
10)   The Emmaus road is in many ways a picture of our Christian journey. How does Jesus walk with you on your journey?
11)   How can we play the part of Jesus on other people’s Emmaus Road?