God who calls us by name

Small Group Material: 
Week Commencing: 
26 Sep 2010
Bible Base: 
John 10:1-11

God who calls us by name
1)      Share what group members know about the meaning of their own names.
2)      Read John 10:1-11.
3)      Look at verse 3. What does it feel like when someone knows your name? What does it feel like when they do not?
4)      Verse 4. Share ways in which you recognise/ have recognised God’s voice.
5)      Several songs/hymns speak of our names written on God’s hands. (eg ‘Before the throne of God above’). With that in mind have a fresh look at John 20:19-23. How can we receive peace by looking at Jesus’ hands in our imagination?
6)      Read Genesis 12:1-3 and 17:1-6. What is the significance of Abraham’s new name? How does it relate to the person God wants Abraham to become?
7)      Read Revelation 2:17.
8)      Do any of the group have nicknames or petnames they are willing to share?
9)      How does it feel to think that God has a ‘petname’ for you – because isn’t that what Rev 2:17 suggests.
10)   God knows our name – he accepts and loves us as we are. But he also knows our new name – he loves the person that he is making us into. Discuss.