Luke 18

Small Group Material: 
Week Commencing: 
24 Oct 2010
Bible Base: 
Luke 18:9-14

1)      Read together Luke 18:9-14
2)      Think about the context – it is still on the way to Jerusalem (see ch 17 v 11). Look at verse 8b. The next few episodes in Luke’s gospel are answering the question in terms of the sort of people who show faith and those who do not. Glance through the rest of ch 18 and up to 19:10. Who are the people who show faith? Who are those who do not? What do we learn from this?
3)      The parable can now be seen as part of a wider concern – climaxing of course with the story of Zacchaeus! What does the Pharisee congratulate himself on? What are we tempted to congratulate ourselves about?
4)      What sort of people are we tempted to exclude from the kingdom of God?
5)      What might be our equivalent of ‘standing far off’ in verse 13?
6)      If Jesus is presenting the tax collector’s faith as faith which justifies, what essentially is justifying faith? What do you think ‘being justified’ means?
7)      What do you make of the end of the parable? How might you re-word it?
8)      What would churches look like which reflected the nature of (a) the Pharisee and (b) the tax collector? How do we measure up?