Matthew 7:1-5

Small Group Material: 
Week Commencing: 
27 Mar 2011
Bible Base: 
Matthew 7:1-5, Colossians 3:1-17

1)      Read Matthew 7:1-5
2)      How might ‘taking the plank out of our own eye’ be helpful when we are tempted to judge others?
3)      When there is a challenging sermon, do you ever think “I wish so-and –so were here to hear this”? To whom should we apply sermons?
4)      Why should we leave judging people up to God?
5)      What is the difference between judging people and judging actions?
6)      Read Colossians 3:1-17
7)      Verses 1 to 4 are about where we belong. Paul’s argument is that we have been raised with Christ, we belong to God’s new kingdom. Therefore we should live appropriately. Looking at what follows, how do you understand verses 1 and 2? Is Paul saying we should only be concerned with ‘spiritual things’ or is what he is saying more practical?
8)      Verse 5 are the ‘usual suspects’ in what we should avoid. But what about the list in verse 8? Is it ever right to be angry? Where should we draw the line?
9)      How might you re-write verse 11 for our church?
10)   How can we ‘clothe ourselves’ in the qualities of v 12?
11)   What does it mean to bear with each other? How can we do this in practice?
12)   Share experiences of forgiveness. When is it hard to forgive, and how can we deal with that?
13)   What do you think verse 15 means by ‘letting the peace of Christ rule in our hearts’? (The second half of the sentence might help). How can we do this?