The Parable of the Sower

Small Group Material: 
Week Commencing: 
10 Jul 2011
Bible Base: 
Matthew 13:1-9 and 18-23

1)      Read Matthew 13:1-9 and 18-23
2)      What determines the growth of the seed?
3)      Why do you think Jesus told this parable?
4)      What stops the first sort of soil from growing? What about the second and third sorts of soil?
5)      What does this parable have to say to us as we prepare for Alpha? How does it both encourage and warn us?
6)      Why do some churches grow more quickly (numerically) than others? Is it always because they are more faithful proclaimers of the word?
7)      What makes for good soil in a community? What sort of soil is Deepcar?
8)      What sort of fruit is God the sower looking for?
9)      As individuals are we just one sort of soil? Is there anything we can do about the sort of soil that we are?
10)   How might we do some ploughing?