Restoring our faith and remembering our first love

Small Group Material: 
Week Commencing: 
20 Mar 2011
Bible Base: 
Rev 2:1-7

1)      Read Rev 2:1-7.
2)      Notice the order of things that Jesus says to this church. What does this tell us about giving feedback to each other?!
3)      What does Jesus compliment this church about? What is Jesus concerned about?
4)      What do you think Jesus means by ‘losing our first love’?
5)      Encourage the group to share how they first came to faith in Christ. (Be prepared to encourage those who do not have any sort of conversion experience to share any times when their faith became particularly important to them).
6)      If we are going through a difficult time spiritually how can we go about restoring our faith and remembering our first love? Encourage people to share their own experiences (Again reassure people that different people have different experiences).
7)      Ask people to share any encouragements that they have had recently, particularly any signs God being at work.