Romans 6

Small Group Material: 
Week Commencing: 
26 Jun 2011
Bible Base: 
Romans 6

1)      We often say ‘God accepts us as we are’. What do you think that means? Encourage the group to say what it means to them.
2)      Does that mean that it doesn’t matter what we do?
3)      In Romans 6, Paul is answering that question. There were (and sometimes still are) people who think that because we are saved by faith we can do what we like.
4)      Read Romans 6:1-11. What does baptism symbolise for Paul? (If people get sidetracked into discussions about only full immersion being ‘proper’ baptism you can respond that (1) we don’t know what sort of baptism they had in Paul’s time, and there have been traditions of both immersion and pouring water over those baptised since the beginning (2) in some situations described in the NT eg the Philippian jailer in Acts 16 there may not have been enough water for full immersion (3) baptism is symbolic (4) I don’t think God gets as worried by these details a we do!)
5)      Read Romans 6:12-end.
6)      Some Christians have interpreted ‘dead to sin’ as meaning that true Christians no longer sin. How does verse 12 show that not to be the case?
7)      Paul gives several arguments for not allowing yourself to be enslaved to sin. What is his argument in v 13?
8)      What does it mean to obey from the heart? (v 17). Have members of the group found that over the years they increasingly WANT to go God’s way?
9)      Paul talks here a lot about slavery. We sing ‘it’s only in your will that I am free’ and pray ‘in whose service is perfect freedom’. How can we be truly free when we are called to obey God?
10)   Sin ‘results in death’ (v 21). What are the consequences of sin in this life (for ourselves and for those affected by our sin)?
11)   Following God leads to eternal life (meaning a new quality of life now as well as life for ever with God. ) Ask the group to share their own experience of God’s way being better.