Walking in New Life

Small Group Material: 
Week Commencing: 
7 Mar 2010
Bible Base: 
Eph 4:15—5:14

Week 8 Eph 4:15—5:14 Walking in New Life Following sermon on March 7 (Stuart Shaw)
1)      The heart of this passage is putting off the old self and putting on the new self. What is our role in this and what is God’s role?
2)      Have a careful look at verses 25 to ch 5 v 2. There is a general principle here about getting rid of a particular sin and replacing it with a corresponding good (which is what putting off the old and putting on the new is really about). Consider each one in turn to see what good replaces the sin that needs to be ‘put off’.
3)      This suggests that growing in Christlikeness is about concentrating on asking God to help you put on the positives of the new self as well as putting off the negatives of the old self. You might like to reflect on areas of your life where you struggle with sin – what positives should you aim for in those areas. Share this together if appropriate.
4)      Are there any aspects of the old self we as a church need to put off and replace with something positive and Christlike?
5)      In what particular respects does Paul encourage us to imitate God? (see verses 32 to 5:2)
6)      What attitude is being encouraged in verses 3-5 about sex? Is it a prudish attitude?
How do we balance verses 7 and 11 with the call to welcome people? How might the example of Jesus help us here?