Week 1 Psalms of Praise about creation

Small Group Material: 
Week Commencing: 
19 Apr 2010
Bible Base: 

For Week 1 I have chosen 3 of my favourite psalms, each of them having the wonder of creation at their centre
Psalm 8
1)      This psalm is particularly looking at the night sky, which declares the glory of God. Share your own experiences of sensing the glory of God through the night sky or through other aspects of creation.
2)      Verse 2 is beautiful poetry – but what does it mean or suggest? The Universe is an amazing result of God’s creative power – but are God’s values just about power and strength?
3)      What are verses 3 and 4 trying to express? Is this a feeling you share when looking at the night sky?
4)      How does the Psalmist respond in verses 5ff to the sense of human insignificance in verse 4? What other scriptures does this Psalm connect with?
5)       The word ‘dominion’ (v 6) is often misunderstood. It means ‘exercising lordship’ – but our example of lordship is our Lord Jesus himself. How does he exercise lordship? How therefore should we exercise our dominion over creation?
Psalm 19
1)      This psalm again begins with the glory of the night sky. The nations around Israel often worshipped the stars or the sun. How does the Psalmist avoid this?
2)      From verse 7, the subject of the psalm changes. In the second half of the psalm, what activity of God is being praised?
3)      What aspects of God’s ways make us praise him most? Which teachings of God do you find the most wonderful?
4)      What is being said in the prayer of verses 12 to 14?
Psalm 104
1)      This is a wonderful psalm celebrating the goodness of God in creation. After reading the Psalm, try to identify all the things that this Psalm says about God’s activity in creation.
2)      How does this Psalm encourage us to enjoy creation? Give some examples.
3)      How does this psalm help us in our thinking about some of the things about nature that we find difficult?
4)      How (if at all) does verse 35 fit with the rest of the Psalm?