Week 6 Isaiah

Week Commencing: 
7 Dec 2008
Bible Base: 
Isaiah 52:13-52:12

This amazing passage has always been referred to as speaking of “The Suffering Servant”. It speaks of God’s servant bringing about the redemption of others through suffering. Jewish interpreters have seen in this passage God bringing about exaltation of Israel through its suffering. As Christians we cannot fail to see an awesome picture of the redemption of the world brought about by the suffering of Christ.
Discussion Questions
1)      Simply to discuss this passage is to miss the point!!! It is a passage before which it is more appropriate to be silent, and I suggest that the group spends some time in silence after reading it aloud; you might want to follow the silence with prayer and/or worship.
2)      What descriptions of the servant in this passage do we see as fulfilled in Christ? You might like to go through the passage verse by verse and make the connections.
3)      What does this passage say is accomplished by the suffering of the servant? How does this connect with our understanding of the cross?
4)      What is the reaction that ‘we’ have to this suffering servant in this passage? How does this connect to the New Testament?
5)      What is God’s role in this suffering? Are we comfortable with this role? How does our understanding of who Jesus is help with this?
6)      Is there anything in this passage which speaks of our role as the people of God, as the servant of God today? Can the blessing of others come through our giving of ourselves which could be seen as ‘suffering’? If so, how?