Week 7 Isaiah

Week Commencing: 
14 Dec 2008
Bible Base: 
Isaiah 55

This passage is the climax of Isaiah’s message to the Jews in exile. It promises that they will return – they will leave Babylon in joy and return home, and God’s word will accomplish what God has promised through it. At the heart of the passage are the contrasts between God and the Empire, and between God and us. The first contrast is between the satisfaction that following God offers compared to being in the world of Babylon. The second contrast is between the forgiveness that God offers and our unwillingness to forgive.
Discussion Questions
1)      What other passages does verse 1 make you think of?
2)      Is the first half of verse 2 true to our experience of trying to live without God?
3)      To what extent do you find the promises of verse 2 true in your experience as a Christian?
4)      How can we show other people the truth of verse 2?
5)      How in this passage are God’s thoughts higher than our thoughts? Have a look also at Hosea 11:8-9.
6)      Why do we find it (a) hard to forgive others and (b) hard to receive forgiveness from others? How does the example of God help us? How does our experience of God’s forgiveness help us?
7)      What encouragement do we receive from verses 10 and 11?