Week 5 Isaiah

Week Commencing: 
30 Nov 2008
Bible Base: 
Isaiah 49:1-7


The Servant is in dialogue with God. In this case the servant could be the prophet himself, or possibly the people of God.
In verses 1 to 3 the Servant recalls his calling and equipping by God.
In verse 4 he complains that nothing is working, but reminds himself of his dependence upon God.
In the rest of the passage God through the prophet calls the servant to a ministry that is much more than just putting things back to where they were. God calls the servant to take God’s salvation to the ends of the earth. This meant that the return from exile was to be a new chapter in Israel’s calling to be the people of God, and not just putting the clock back.
Questions for discussion
1) The servant begins by reminding himself that God has called and equipped him. What was that calling?
2) What is our calling as individuals and as a church? What gifts has God equipped us with?
3) Do we sometimes feel that we are like the servant in the first half of verse 4? How does he/ can we move beyond this feeling?
4) What is God’s response to the servant moving from discouragement to trust?
5) How is the future to be a new calling for the people of God? Is it really a new calling?
6) Who are our equivalent of “the Gentiles” and “the ends of the earth”? How can we move into the new place of taking God’s salvation to them?