Week 3 Isaiah

Week Commencing: 
16 Nov 2008
Bible Base: 
Isaiah 42:1-9


The Servant of the Lord is a key figure in Isaiah 40 onwards. It is not always possible to identify who the servant is. Possible contenders (in the immediate context of Isaiah) are:-
The people of Israel themselves
The prophet
The Persian ruler Cyrus who defeated Babylon and released them from exile.
Christians have always seen Christ as a fulfilment of this figure – see Matthew 12:18-20 for example.
In addition, it is surely right to ask questions of ourselves as the people of God in our context, and as God’s servants in our context. What do these ‘Servant Songs’ have to say about us as church?
Questions for Discussion
1)      What does God say about his relationship with the Servant in verse 1
2)      What are the characteristics of the Servant in verses 2-4?
3)      What does God want to achieve through the servant according to this passage?
4)      In the light of your answers to questions 1-3, what should the task of the Jewish people have been?
5)      Identify ways in which Christ has fulfilled/ is fulfilling these verses?
6)      How should our calling mirror that of Christ’s? How should our lives/churches reflect the transforming power of Christ’s ministry and God’s power?
7)      A particularly interesting verse is verse 3; think of examples of it coming true in Jesus’ ministry in the Gospels. Share how it has been true of Jesus’ dealings with you? What principles does this give us for our dealings with those who approach our church (suggest concrete examples if you can)?