Week 2 Isaiah

Week Commencing: 
9 Nov 2008
Bible Base: 
Isaiah 40:21-31

The thrust of the passage
It would probably be useful to read the passage together from verse 12. The whole passage contrasts the greatness of God with (a) human wisdom and knowledge (b) the alleged power of the surrounding nations (c) idols. It then goes on to urge Israel to put their trust in this God who is great enough to care for them, and not in these other things.
Questions for Discussion
1)      One of my favourite poems is by Shelley and is called “Ozymandias”. It’s about a traveller who comes across ruins in the desert which include a ruined statue with a tablet containing the words:- “My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings, look on my works ye mighty and despair.”. Which verses in Isaiah 40 does this poem connect with? How does this poem (and Isaiah 40) connect with our situation as a country today?
2)      What are the things in our lives that will last? [I Corinthians 13 might be useful if you get stuck!]
3)      How do you feel about the vastness of the universe? Does it make you feel small and insignificant? How does Isaiah 40 (and the Christian Gospel) speak to our feelings of insignificance?
4)      Share what you think it means to “wait upon the Lord” (verse 31)?
5)      Share examples from your own experience where you have found these verses (29 to 31) to be true.