The Authority of Jesus

Small Group Material: 
Week Commencing: 
1 Feb 2009
Bible Base: 
Mark 1:21-28

Week following February 1 The Authority of Jesus
Reading:-  Mark 1:21-28
Discussion Questions
1)      People sometimes distinguish between external authority (held because of the person’s position or office) and internal authority (held because of the character of the person). Which sort of authority carries the most weight with you?
2)      What sort of authority do you think the people in the synagogue saw in Jesus? How do you think they recognised it?
For the next questions you will need to read through the surrounding passages in Mark – from Mark 1:1 to Mark 3:6 plus 4:35-41. You can either do this aloud or (probably better) give everyone space to read it through for themselves.
3)      From where did Jesus’ authority come? (Try to answer this from this whole section of Mark).
4)      In what different ways did Jesus exercise and demonstrate authority in this section of Mark?
5)      What difference was there in Jesus’ ministry between his authority over unclean spirits, over the forces of nature and over sickness, and his authority over human beings?
6)      Over what is Jesus exercising authority in Mark 2:23-3:6? What does this have to teach us?
7)      What is Jesus’ authority in our lives? Why does he have authority in our lives? For you is Jesus’ authority an external authority or an internal authority?