Jesus reveals God

Small Group Material: 
Week Commencing: 
15 Feb 2009
Bible Base: 
John 1:1-18

Week following February 15 Jesus reveals God
Reading:-  John 1:1-18
Discussion Questions
1)      If anyone has a concordance – where else does John use the word ‘grace’ in his gospel? 
2)      Does John define ‘grace’? How do you think he intends us to know what grace is?
3)      “Full of grace and truth”. In Hebrew thinking ‘truth’ is about reliability and faithfulness. Truth is what you can rely on. In Greek thinking truth is seen more in terms of knowing the world as it is. Which of these sorts of truth are seen in Jesus?
4)      John says that Jesus shows us what God is like (1:14 and 1:18), that in Jesus we see the character of God.  What incidents in John’s Gospel speak to you most about the character of God?
5)      How does the God Jesus reveals differ from most people’s ideas about God? Which aspects of Jesus’ revelation of God do you find most hard to really accept?