The Temptation of Jesus

Small Group Material: 
Week Commencing: 
1 Mar 2009
Bible Base: 
Mark 1:9-15; Matthew 4:1-11; Luke 4:1-13

Discussion Questions
1)      After the great ‘high’ of the baptism, comes the struggle of the temptations. Does that match with your experience? Share examples if you would like to.
2)      Jesus was sent by the Spirit into the desert. What do you suppose he was thinking about? (Consider the nature of the temptations in Matthew/Luke and what Jesus does when he returns to Galilee.) So how might the church use Lent?
3)      Try to put into ordinary language the nature of each temptation and Jesus’ response to it.
4)      In the light of your answers to question 3, what might be similar temptations for us in our attempts at mission? (Big clue to the answer for question 2!!!!) How might we respond to those temptations?
5)      Did the Spirit lead Jesus into the desert to be tempted or to think about his task?
6)      Luke 4:13 says that the devil left him until an opportune time. When was that time/ when were those times? (Possible places to look – Mark 8:27ff; the accounts of the crucifixion).
7)      Optional question for those who have a brain like mine…..What do you notice about the order of temptations in Matthew and Luke? Does this worry you? What does this say about the nature of the inspiration of scripture and the reliability of scripture?