Mark 8: 31 - end

Small Group Material: 
Week Commencing: 
8 Mar 2009
Bible Base: 
Mark 8: 31 - end

Jesus has been travelling around preaching, teaching and ministering, observed by his disciples and many local people. He has been challenged by Jewish leaders who questioned his authority. In verses 27-30 of Chapter 8, he asks his disciples who they think he is, and Peter finally confesses that he is the Messiah. ‘You are the Christ’, and with the knowledge that they know who he is, Jesus begins to speak to his disciples for the first time about his death, its meaning and the implications it will have for them … and for us.

  1. Look at verses 32/33 – Why do you think Peter reacted in this way? He must have been bewildered at Jesus’ response. How would you have explained Jesus’ response to Peter?
  2. Look at verse 34 – what does it mean to deny yourself and take up your cross? How do you respond to the idea of Jesus personalising this and saying, we must take up ‘our cross’? Can you think of practical examples of how we can do this, in our own lives, or at work, or in the church?
  3. Look at verses 35-37 – How does Jesus tell us that we can save our lives? How does this contrast with the priorities the world has?
  4. Look at verse 38 – What does it mean to be ashamed of Jesus? Why would Jesus be ashamed of us? How does that make you feel?
  5. How would you explain how Christ is the Son of Man? What does it say about our relationship with him?