The cross as a demonstration of God’s justice and mercy

Small Group Material: 
Week Commencing: 
29 Mar 2009
Bible Base: 
Romans 3:21-26; Luke 19:1-9

The cross as a demonstration of God’s justice and mercy (Sermon preached on March 29)
Plus Living in the light of the cross (Sermon to be preached on April 5)
Discussion questions
1)      Forgiveness is about release from guilt, but it is also about relationships being restored. Which of these is more important to you in your walk with God – the need for your sins to be forgiven, or for you to know that you are reconciled to God?
2)      How can God’s judgment be part of his love?
3)      Look at Romans 3:21-26. What is this passage trying to say? What do the words ‘justified’ and ‘atonement’ mean?
4)      Why is it important that God’s justice is demonstrated?
5)      The first thing about living in the light of the cross is that we live as forgiven people. Share what helps you to feel forgiven by God.
6)      Do you find it easy to forgive yourself?
7)      Read Colossians 3:12-17. What helps you to forgive others? What makes it difficult?
If the world is to believe that Christ on the cross has won our forgiveness and eternal life, what evidence will they have to see in the life of Christians and in the life of the church?