1 Corinthians

Small Group Material: 
Week Commencing: 
19 Apr 2009
Bible Base: 
1 Corinthians

Week 1   1 Corinthians 1:1-17 (following sermon on 19 April)
1)      Spend a bit of time looking at the background notes to 1 Corinthians. In what ways was the culture of Corinth similar to our own?
2)      What parallels can you see between the church in Corinth and the church in our culture (both nationally and in St Johns)
3)      Read the passage together. Look at the greeting (vv 1-3); how does Paul’s greeting speak to a church that thought it was really good?
4)      What do we learn from the order in which Paul writes to them –ie what does he begin with? What example does this give us? What helps you to receive criticism?
5)      What does Paul give thanks for in their life together (vv 4-9)? Where do these things come from?
6)      What sort of divisions is Paul talking about in vv 10-17? How does he respond to them? (We will return to this theme in a couple of weeks).
See attached notes for some background material

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