1 Corinthians 12

Small Group Material: 
Week Commencing: 
14 Jun 2009
Bible Base: 
1 Corinthians 12:12-31

This continues on from last week’s study.
Discussion Questions
1)      The idea of body and members is central to this section. What did ‘member’ originally mean? It’s interesting that the metaphorical meaning that Paul is using has now become the main meaning of the word. This says something about the success of the metaphor!
2)      What does this picture of body and members say to us about (a) unity and (b) individual identity in the church?
3)      Look at v 13 – for Corinth Paul uses the pairs of Jew/Gentile and slave/free. What pairings might we use in our congregation? You might like to actually re-write the verse with those pairings.
4)      Verses 14-22 are essentially making one point. What is it?
5)      Do you see yourself as a stronger/ more honourable or weaker/ less honourable part of the church/ What does this passage say about such distinctions?
6)      In vv 27-28 Paul lists various gifts and ministries – are they all what we would think of as spiritual? What other gifts and ministries might we add that are important to us as a church?
7)      Think about one another in the group. What gifts does each member bring? (You could do this out loud, or write them down and pass them to one another. Decide as a group.
8)      What do vv 29-30 say to the issues of gift envy and gift projection discussed last week?
9)      Verse 31 is addressed to the whole church and not just individuals. What do you think Paul means by “the higher gifts”? [Think about the context of what he has already said and what he is about to say – I think v 7 of ch 12 is of key importance here]. What gifts should we be earnestly desiring as a church?