Life of the world to come

Small Group Material: 
Week Commencing: 
19 Oct 2009
Bible Base: 
Isaiah 25:6-9

Reading 1 Isaiah 25:6-9
1)      How is death described in these verses? Does this reflect how people today think about death (when they are not avoiding it)?
2)      How does Isaiah describe eternal life? What echoes does this have in (a) the teaching of Jesus and (b) our church worship? Is this way of describing eternal life something that you identify with?
3)      Where is this victory over death promised to happen? How has this been fulfilled?
Reading 2 Revelation 21:1-7
4)      What similarities does this passage have with the passage from Isaiah 25?
5)      What is at the centre of this description of eternal life?
6)      Where does all this happen?
7)      In answer to question 6 – the Christian hope is thought by many not to be about going to heaven to be with God in a different place from here, but rather the life of heaven coming to be with us in a new creation at the end of this creation – it will be this creation redeemed and transformed. The idea of the heavenly city descending to the new earth where God will dwell with his people backs this up. What do people think about this?
8)      Your group might like to write down the ideas that come into their mind when they think about eternal life (honestly). What are they looking forward to? Group the answers as (a) those that emphasise being with people (b) those that emphasise being with God. Discuss what pattern emerges.
9)      Which of these two approaches is shown in Isaiah 25? Which is shown in Revelation 21? Where does Jesus’ teaching help us to see that both emphases are OK, but that both are needed?
Reading 3 John 17:1-5
10)   According to this passage, what does eternal life consist of? When can this start?