Small Group Material: 
Week Commencing: 
9 Nov 2009
Bible Base: 
Matthew 5:40-48, Matthew 5:1-12, John 10:7-13

Week beginning 9 November 2009 Remembrance
1)      Share around the group the questions and feelings that Remembrance Sunday raises for yourselves.
2)      Reading 1  Matthew 5:30-38
3)      What response is Jesus advocating to abuse of us as individuals? Is this just an ideal? How seriously should we take it?
4)      What does it mean to love your enemies? Is it sometimes loving to stop people having what they want? Think of some examples.
5)      What is being said here about God? What is the perfection about God that Jesus calls us to imitate?
6)      What would this part of Jesus teaching suggest about our attitude to war?
7)      Reading 2 Matthew 5:1-12
8)      The Greek word often translated ‘righteousness’ also means ‘justice’. What does it mean to hunger and thirst for justice? Give some examples.
9)      Have you ever tried to be a peacemaker? How easy was it?
10) Again remembering that ‘righteousness’ includes ‘justice’, have you ever been abused for standing up for justice?
11) We have seen in our first reading that loving our neighbour includes loving our enemy. What might loving people being oppressed or abused involve?
12) Some Christians believe that standing up for justice and being peacemakers may sometimes require force (including military action). Other Christians believe that evil can only be overcome by good, which for then rules out military action. What do you think? Whichever course we take, what should be our motivation towards (a) the oppressed (b) the oppressors? What example did Jesus give us on the cross?
13) Reading 3 John 10:7-13
14) Hilda spoke on Sunday of aiming to be like the good shepherd rather than being like the hired hand. We pray that we will never be asked to actually lay down our lives, but in what ways are we asked to perform minor acts of sacrifice on behalf of others. Share examples of sacrificial acts of others that you have admired.
David Jeans                                                                                         November 2009