Baptisms & Christenings


You may be hoping to have your child baptised for a whole range of reasons:

  • because you think it is a good thing for your child
  • because all the babies in your family have been baptised
  • because a relative has insisted
  • because the service might be enjoyable
  • because you wish to bring your child up to be a committed Christian.

Whatever the reason, we accept that you want the best for your child. So do we. You are most welcome to have your child baptised at St John’s as long as you live in the parish.

If you would like to find out more about baptisms, please ring Hilda Isaacson on 285 1225 or e-mail and ask for a copy of one or more of the following leaflets which explain in more detail what you can expect.



  • Your child’s baptism
  • Becoming a godparent
  • Coming to church
  • Information for people with special needs

    We look forward to meeting you.


  • Safeguarding

    St John's church in the parish of Deepcar and Stocksbridge takes its duty and obligation to protect all extremely seriously.
    We have adopted the national Church of England's robust procedures and guidelines. You can find out more about the national policies and procedures at